Walker WoodWorks is located deep in the Ozarks in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Here in Northwest Arkansas, we have trees (lots and lots of trees).  These native forests are the source of our lumber.  We use only locally harvested or reclaimed hardwoods to create each of our handmade crafts.






Our products are never stained or dyed and have clear, low VOC or hand-rubbed  finishes.  When you purchase something from Walker WoodWorks, you are looking at natural wood.


Wood is an amazing raw material.  Wood is sustainable, versatile, and remarkably beautiful.  Our handmade crafts are created to showcase these unique qualities of wood. 




This collection of woods are ones that we select most often to make our crafts.  Grown and harvested locally, these are our favorites.

Black Walnut

White Ash

Hard Maple

White Oak

Black Cherry

Silver Maple

Red Oak


Yellow Poplar


Re-using wood that once was a part of something else is practical and eco-friendly (cool, too).  With an occasional nail hole or imperfection, reclaimed wood has a character that is all its own .

Young Law Library Bookshelves

Young Law Library Bookshelves

A few years ago, we came into a quantity of Walnut plywood.  What is interesting about this lumber is where it came from.  This high quality plywood once served to shelve the books in the Young Law Library at the University of Arkansas.  We like to showcase the beauty of this wood in our Slide Frames and Hex Candle Holders. 

O.L. Gregory Vinegar Company Vats

Old growth Fir is beautiful lumber and not easy to acquire.  We were fortunate to reclaim our old growth Fir from the O.L. Gregory Vinegar Company.  Built over 100 years ago in downtown Rogers, Arkansas, this vinegar distillery was at that time, the largest in the world.  The company used vats made of Fir from the Great Lakes region to turn low-quality apples into something more profitable.  A few years ago, these vinegar vats were dismantled and we were lucky to get our hands on some of this ancient wood.  Counting the rings and considering the time they were installed, this reclaimed Fir is somewhere between 400 and 500 years-old.  We use this interesting wood to create our Slide Frames, Stack Vases and Hex Candle Holders.

O.L. Gregory Vinegar Company Fir


Interesting in their own way, we have a few other woods that we like to create with from time to time.

This plywood is made from trees that grow in Scandinavia and Russia.  Baltic Birch Plywood is known for its quality, stability and utility.  It is often used in Danish furniture.  We like to use this wood in our Slide Frames and Hex Candle Holders. 

Baltic Birch Plywood